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  1. Konastab was wrong.,you can do this yourself. Didnt go to the dealer of course (i rather be dead or smash the bike to pieces) If anyone cares on this forum,just download the latest version of Melcodiag. Its also possible to do rolling test on bike that apply to that. (Multistrada?)
  2. yelworc

    SF Stalin Edition

    Please dont tell anyone but having this bike at work,the lunches are getting longer & longer.. What a nice machine,no problems like my 1199,just ride it,old school!
  3. Pressure = map sensors i suppose. I have checked with my Melcodiag tool and im getting values from both. Values from horizontal/vertical is nearly the same. So they should be working ? I had alot of problems last year and it was down to a bad coil wire. First i thought maybe it was one of the sensors so i replaced the one wich usually goes first,cant remember wich now. More lately it has developed as i mentioned some sort of hiccups,feeling very rough and raw (more than normal!) sometimes. Bike is running JHP Coventry race mapped ECU with a termi +300 system so its not standard but it
  4. Thanks Patrick!! I will do just that. As a sidenote i had some problems with rough running engine in gear 1 & 2 depending on temperature. Hoping relearning will solve that too.
  5. I have already tried with a new one,it didnt help. Remains the same. Calling Konastab!
  6. Hallo! Sorry for wrong language.. English forums are shit im afraid. Since last trackdays,when i got home and was going to check the bike over,when key on suddenly its switched from "N" to gear "2" in display. I wasnt doing anything. This is now the new norm. Its impossible to get "N". Got me a new gps but still the same. Tried to do the the gear relearn process but it doesnt initiate. (Warm up the engine,clutch engaged i neutral,"c" should start flashing) Then i discovered if you back out very little from where the sensor gets tight it starts working normal. Also tried pus
  7. yelworc

    SF Stalin Edition

    Its actually a "new" bike,just replaced a few things that was damaged due a lowsider 10 years ago,original owner got afraid and was desperate to get rid of it. Bike has not moved at all in all these years,sitting at a local car dealer with a bad reputation and no ducatistas as costumers,all this time. There is absolutely no corrosion or whatsoever on it. Actually i just think it looks very clean and will keep the original look,despite a few carbon goodies. It will not see any rain,salt or much miles so the super clean look will be maintained. The white pearl does not do justice on pictu
  8. yelworc

    SF Stalin Edition

    Project bike,2010,2900! km. Eat that,germanics..
  9. Its nice too see your going all in Jens. I was missing the SL parts by RIBA on your bike but now you got them. Fantastico.. I notice a very big race cooler,remember reading you was fine with the oem radiators this come as a surprise.
  10. Ducati tech: The reason they are plastic is where they WILL break in a situation where everything locks... If they were metal and everything locked there would be no"give" and the engine case would burst.
  11. No Panigale engine have steel waterpump gear standard ,not even Superleggera. 1299 have steel gear on oilpump but thats it. I dont know where these rumours come from.
  12. I rather do closer inspection of the gears then trying this. I seriously thought of upgrading last winter but was in contact with a frenchman who have been wrenching on many panigales in a endurance team and seen engine failures because of the heavier gears. Of course they will not break,but something else will..
  13. yelworc

    V4 RRRRR

    Eehh.. Sikasil and V4R..
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