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  1. yelworc

    V4 RRRRR

    Eehh.. Sikasil and V4R..
  2. yelworc

    V4 RRRRR

    Speciale/s/standard owners are going to get assfucked per usual. All on this bike is neu,engine,electronics,frame bla bla.. The standard is too shitty for racing.. Soooorry..
  3. Its not ordinary paint. Look here,i think its the closest you can get: https://www.ducatiforum.co.uk/threads/project-1704-1299s-build-project-by-topolino.47707/page-2 He did use cerakote. The standard magnesium "paint" on the M9RS is really shit if you use the bike hard like track or racing. I had to powdercoat mine in another tone and it now takes beating a little bit better..
  4. 28NM for the frame,the lower bolts to rear cylinder is 22NM.
  5. yelworc

    Pirelli Superbike SC3

    Hi. Anybody having luck with this tyre,Pirelli Superbike Slick SC3 rear? Im giving up now, It tears badly,i have checked pressures and been in the right temperature zone as advised but get max one trackday at best. Last time 3x15mins sessions and the right side was shit and destroying the profile wich makes it no fun riding. Switched to Dunlop KR108 MS4 and no tearing! Have used SC2 in the past for swedish tracks,also tears but not that much as SC3. On Aragon SC1 and quite warm,no tearing. Bike is a Panigale 1199 S.
  6. yelworc

    Fullsix oder Carbonworld

    Monocoque tail from Carbonworld and some more..
  7. yelworc

    Fullsix oder Carbonworld

    And what do you mean by "Monocoque von CW bestellt, zu meine überraschung wird eine von Fullsix geliefert" ? I might have to get a Julian-ubersetzer cause you got me there..
  8. yelworc

    Fullsix oder Carbonworld

    Got my monocoque racing tail today,despite what some people say here,its Fullsix and nothing else. No trouble dealing with Carbonworld,the piece was 100% perfect.
  9. Volle kraft voraus.. Sorry,there my german language capabilities end but lets speaks about forward Termi System. Is these cans acutally better in real life? As you avoid the loop it should mean better flow but do you really notice it? Also,what are the difference between the Reparto cans and the normal forward ones? (Internal titanium?) And if you think you seen all there is actually one more forward version from Termignoni. According to Ducati technicans the rear tyre gets way to hot with old school cans.. And about Decra,we have them here in Sweden also and they SUCK!
  10. yelworc

    Termignoni F014 cans

    The ones with the fat loop. Silencers only,i already have headers.
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