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Demontage Windschild


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Hi Leute!

hab von meinem Vorgänger dieses scheiß Windschild dran.Das Schild hab ich ja demontiert,nur da sind noch die Halter dran.Diese sind in der

Verkleidung des Dashboards irgendwo verankert :(

Möchte nicht mein Dashboard auseinander nehmen,daher meine Frage: wie gehts hier weiter? (devil)

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Hab gesucht und finde das PDF nicht mehr :-(

Hab es aber bei ducati.ms runter geladen, da im SF Forum.

SO wird es da beschrieben:


Place nice fluffy towel over front fender.

Loosen two lower headlamp bolts. Lift up on headlight assembly.

Remove rubber band on L turn signal. Unplug L turn signal, Main dash plug, air temp, etc. The main harness slides onto a retainer bracket. Just slide it toward the center of the light off the tab. This allows you to slide the locking red tab out, then press the plug lock tab. bahdahbing. The cabling is straight forward. You would have to TRY to mess up hooking things wrong!

Move headlight assembly over to another towel covered work area.

Remove the air temp sensor plug, and air sensor (be careful with it), remove the rubber boot the sensor sat in.

This exposes all four dash retaining bolts. Again, you have to get that cowl underneath the dash over a lip. It then is all down hill!

You do need a t25 torx for the 3 screws that hold the L & R brackets to the dash assembly. The windscreen bracket mounts underneath all this stuff. If you dry fit things, you cant go wrong. Be careful with the torx screws. These are the only ones that are threading into plastic and not a nut.

Once apart, you swap out the parts that come with the kit. It has a different dash cowl that accomodates the bracket. All the same hardware is used to put it back together.

While it was off, you can take off the turn signal extenders. You will need shorter bolts though to do this. I like the shorter turn signals. Glad someone mentioned this earlier.

Since it was the first time taking this apart, I took my time. The only bugger was getting that dash unit cowl over that lip. I was thinking something is holding on, yet everything is done to the instructions.

The enclosed instructions are basic, and refer you to the repair manual for doing all the above. If you don't have the manual, this hopefully fills that gap.

You do have to clip all the little zip ties to unplug most small connectors. No way these are accidentally working lose in stock form. I re-zipped them upon reassembly.

Button it up, reset clock. Done.

Tools: 8mm, 10mm, three hex wrenches, t25 torx bit. Side cutters. Replacement baby zip ties.

If I missed any steps.. let me know and I'll edit it in.

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Wie man das Geraffel zerlegt kannst du bei Carbonworld gut sehen, einfach den kleinen Film starten.


Eine Anbauanleitung für ein Windschild poste ich später, liegt auf meinem privaten Rechner.

Hoffe das hilft etwas!



hallo holger

später wäre jetzt. bitte poste doch das video bei gelegenheit. danke und gruss

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