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Ducati und MV Agusta Motorradhandel - Eschborn


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Unfortunatly my German is so bad so I have to write in English.

I am interested to buy a ducati from a dealer with name Ducati und MV Agusta Motorradhandel in Eschborn. My questions is: are they trustworthy? I cant find any website nor information about the shop. I have seen several scam adds on mobile.de and therefore my cautius question.

Please let me know if you have any experience with the dealer.

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I don't no these Ducati Dealer, but why you won't to go to him.

Please sent a link from the hp that we can see which one you want.

Normally all dealers they're authorized to sell Ducati have a official homepage.

Agree - I thought that all Ducati dealers had a website to make it more "legitimit". I live approx. 1500km from Frankfurt so its hard for to step by check out the store an afternoon. 8)

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We think, he buys the Bikes at Ducati, and most of the Machines are from the "Ducati Riding Experience" DRE.


Most oft the Members think, that the Machines are in good conditions, and the Seller is a honest(?) Dealer. You can´t get guarantee(?) from Ducati, but you can get guarantee by "Intec" "intec Garantie" for 3 Years, but the conditions are not the same as Ducati-guarantee. If you have a problem with the Machine, first you have to ask intec, they will check the problem, and it takes anx time. But you can get a guaranie at your own country.

Please consider, the answers in the Threads are not current answers. All conditions can be changed now.

I think my fucking english is better to understand, as my very good german writing.  ::::::D (ok) :*

The Members think, the driving conditions for the bikes at "DRE" not as good, as to buy a bike from private, but the prices are really good.

So please don´t kill us, if you buy a bike in Eschborn, its your decision to buy a bike in Eschborn.

One or two Members bought in Eschborn, an I think they were satified.

In 2014 I bought a DRE Ducati Hypermotard 821 SP from a Ducati-Dealer, the bike was in good condition, little Problems were solved by the Dealer. Two parts have had not the same color, they were changed.

At the end of the Season, more and more Dealer are buying DRE-Bikes and sell them for good conditions.

Best regards, Klausi !

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Many thanks for your replies! I am so impressed how Internet actually works sometimes - I can ask questions about a foreign market like this and get replies with 15 - 30 min. Thanks for a very good forum!

Not sure if the bike a interested in is a former DRE bike due to its 1098s Tricolore. Not sure if Ducati puts that kind of bike on the track from day 1?

There are a few in Germany but a lot of the same modell in Italy:



Yes, your english is very good  (ok)

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